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Ideas coming to paper

Planning & researching

Each new project starts from the zero point. We call it planning and research. This phase of the project represents a crucial part for the layout of the concept of each new project. Among other things, this includes:

  • Conversations with investors and potential planners
  • Determining the project task, or determining the purpose of building an object (eg investment, ie a rental facility, a private property, an object made for sale etc.)
  • Selecting the optimal location
  • Checking plans and building options
  • Verification of legal regulations

Through this phase the investor acquires an insight into competence and gets confidence in the istra-bau as a construction partner.

Doing the boring work

Paperwork and documentation

Project documentation for starting the construction of your home, holiday home or your business building can be a long and difficult journey, for which you need a lot of patience, experience and persistence, specific local knowledge, and sometimes it is a real challenge. There are also cases where people simply give up on this path because they encounter obstacles, disapproval, constant changes in the state system and laws, and the layman is easily lost in this, or it is unnecessarily overwhelmed by that phase. That’s why we and our professional team of associates are here with you all the time to assist you with all the necessary permissions to start building your project.

Doing the hard work

Building and (re)construction

Our own construction operations, including our permanent partners, are engaged in the construction of new facilities and the reconstruction of existing ones. We also have licenses for work on objects under the protection of the Ministry of Culture.
Before building the facility itself, detailed costing plans are being worked out. Real, guaranteed terms of construction and the quality of works themselves are implied by themselves. This is not just the case, since almost no subsequent work of this minimum complaint in the past 14 years corroborates those claims.
Upon request, a list of current investors can be obtained, which can be directly contacted for the purpose of obtaining first-hand information about the quality of works done by our company.

Idea becoming alive

Finishing and decorating

This phase implies that the building has been built and completed. Finally, it is necessary to organize and perform all legal technical examinations, obtain documentation for registering the facility in the cadastre, accomplish all utility connections (electricity, water, sewage, telephone etc.), or legalize the building.
And on you and your family, you will have to finish the arrangement of your house and bring the warmth to your new home, home for rest or to breathe life to your new office building.

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