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The founder and CEO is civil engineer mr. Boris Marečić. After graduation in Germany and many years of working experience abroad, Mr Marečić returned to Croatia in 2002 and founded the Istra-Bau firm. His main wish was to implement his work experience in future projects at home.

Because of its highly professional approach to all the project and high standards in performance and quality Istra- Bau has been recognized as a desirable partner to multiple investors, clients, cooperatives and suppliers.

Istra-Bau employs 15 to 20 persons. Our team of experts are three civil engineers, administrator, three building managers plus an experienced team building cooperatives such as builders, carpenters, engineers, crane operators etc.

Throughout many years of working with foreign clients (German, Austrian, Italian, English and Swiss) as well as Croatian investors we created a professional team of partners and professional cooperators such as solicitors, surveyors, architects, designers etc.) which, with our guidance, follow the client throughout all the phases of a certain project.

That process usually starts with a search for a suitable location or a house and continues with checking the legal regulations and providing all the necessary documentation needed for the beginning of building work.

After the object is built the process continues with the obligatory technical examination and finishes with registration in Katastar and maintenance of the object if agreed so. We operate and work on location throughout the whole year and there is nothing that comes as a surprise to us. We can deliver in every aspect of your expectations and within the agreed deadlines.

"As we come from Germany, we were somewhat skeptical about the way we do business here, but at the same time we wanted to build a house in beautiful Istria, and we decided to hire Istra-Bau for the recommendation of our good friend. all our expectations, even above it. The superficial and pedantic approach from the beginning to the finalization, just surprised us."

- Johan Franz, Munchen

"The top organization and kindness of employees with professional and quality work make Istra-Bau company unique in this business. I would dare say, unique even in the wider Adriatic-Alpine area. With our new house we are very satisfied, and every addition to our desire for additional works, and now after the house has been completed, it is no problem for the company Istra-Bau. Always kind and compliant, for every recommendation."

- Jürgen Schmidt, Salzburg

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