From idea to finishing product

Construction company Ista-Bau can help you to build your dream home - it can make your dream become a reality. We are with you from the first day, we brainstorm together and discuss all your ideas and wishes and continue with you throughout the whole journey up to the finishes and last details in your home.

Precision and confidence

We can say with pride that our quality is built on more than 20 years of experience in building sector. Every segment of the business is dealt with pedantic approach and with attention to every detail. And that's why we enjoy the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

Complicated becomes simple

Building a house from scratch is painstaking and hard work but for you we make it simple. From all the legal documents required, engaging constructing teams for work on the object to the final decorating and maintenance of the house.

Much more…

We believe that what makes most difference from one company to another is the people, the employees. Our experts and experienced associates are an excellent team who enjoy the team work. With happy employees, dedication and commitment to the work that is so important to us, our clients want just us to be the ones to bring their project to life and they do so with complete trust and confidence.

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